Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The view from room 1743, sunset on Sunday evening over the Texas Medical Center

After 9 days and nights, I am OUT of the hospital!!!  Yee Haw!  Now if I can just stay out!!  Actually I am in the outpatient clinic now, but that's a small inconvenience compared to being incarcerated.  I think my overall health/recovery progressed while I was in the hospital, even while we fought the fever.  I was admitted Saturday evening, the fever was subdued from Tuesday around 6 until Thursday around 4 in the afternoon, when it came back to around 100.3....that caused an extension through the weekend - fortunately that flash didn't last long and I was fever-free Fri, Sat, and Sun...ergo, my discharge Monday.

My blood counts were sort of in the doldrums when I checked in, but towards the end of my stay they began to recover.  Today my white count was 4.6, without the help of nupagen - that's the highest it's been since the transplant.  My hemoglobin was a strong 10.9 and my platelets jumped to 68,000 from 54,000.  They have been going up for several days, after hitting a low of about 21,000.

All else is well, my parents will be here through tomorrow;  Renee begins her "break" to Raleigh on Saturday and my sister Jill will be here Saturday.

Thanks be to God for the patience and peace He gave me while I was in the hospital and for the elimination of my fever - He answered many prayers - thanks so much for yours.  Dan

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  1. What a relief! Let freedom lift your spirits and your health!