Sunday, May 10, 2015

One Week to the Tour de Cure!

Meadow at Mile 24 Along the Neuse River Trail

Happy Mother’s Day to all!  

Time is flying by….since my last update, I have ramped up my cycling over the last 3 weeks, starting with two 40-mile rides the first week, (one day in between), to two 50-mile rides the second week, and rides of 60 and 67 miles last week!  that will toughen up your kiester.  The Tour de Cure is less than a week away.  I rode a short 20 mile spin this morning before church just to keep the callouses firm - I will do a couple of back-to-back rides this week to get into final form for the 200 mile grind this coming weekend.  I’ve been doing most of my training rides on the Neuse River Greenway, a beautiful 33-mile long resource, safe from lunatic drivers on the highways who have anger management issues :-)

As soon as the bike ride is over I will begin training for the third leg of the Triple Play, an 18 mile day-hike through the heart of Yosemite - starting at 4,000 foot elevation in the valley, then soaring (on foot) 3,800 feet to the top of the cliffs at Glacier Point, then hugging the cliff tops until we descend again back to the valley along the John Muir Trail - it will be a happy reunion between me and that special trail, even if only for a few miles.  Altogether we will hike 18 miles, if all goes according to the plans of men ;-)

A heartfelt  THANK YOU!!  to those of you who have made a contribution to the cause of curing blood cancers.  There is still time to make a donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the charity that I run, cycle, and hike for.  It’s a wonderful organization, committed to making deadly blood cancers a thing of the past.  Remember, leukemia is the #1 childhood cancer.  

Thanks for your support - here is the link to my fund raising page - God bless you and yours and have a GREAT Mother’s Day!!  Dan 

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