Sunday, May 25, 2014

One Week From Today

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On the Summit of Mt. Whitney with Mike Nix - 9/5/13

Greetings once again friends and family… is Sunday the 25th of May…one week from right now I will be laboring along the Fletcher Flyer route.  We have a full weekend planned in Asheville, and Renee and I will be driving up to Blowing Rock on Monday to visit some dear friends.

The fund raising is going well, and as always I want to thank all of you who have been supporting me financially and with encouragement and prayers.  I feel like I am ready to do the 100 miles, though I know the weather will be an important factor.  If it's hot or rainy,  that will make the ride more of a struggle.  Last Sunday was my last training ride with the TNT, and I made it 83 miles…..the weather was great, temps in the 60s and some overcast.

I got my 6-month CT scan check on Thursday and I am waiting to hear from Dr. Kritz next week if all is clear.

I want to thank Todd Spain and Elaine Tarkington for their great coaching and encouragement - but also a shout-out goes to the whole team including our Sag team Suzanne and David, Ruth, our long distance specialist, Bill, Cathy, Pam, Tisha, Deidre and everyone - it really is a TEAM and I am blessed and proud to be a part of it!!  GO TEAM!!!

Peace - Dan