Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Latest and Greatest

Major cook-fest for Renee's Birthday - Devon, Kenyon's friend, at left
Well, greetings friends and family...it looks like it's been almost two weeks since my last post and a lot has gone on.  Certainly the highlight was Renee's XXth birthday the weekend of the 12th.  We gave her a weekend away but at home, which we called "The Inn at Battleview Gardens".  She was not allowed to do any housework, nor cooking nor clean-up - her "staff" of 4 waited on her hand-and-foot.  It was a big hit, and I was ready for a long rest after check-out time on Sunday. 

Medically, I think I have a loose end to tie off with you - the flow cytometry was the last test to come back from my 90 day re-check, and that was also negative - I got the word from Dr. Kritz on the 6th of August.  So - I can finally say that the series of tests came out completely clean.  I stand amazed and humbled at what the medical professionals have done, but I know they cannot do anything without the blessing of God, because he is sovereign over all matter and events.  My next check-up will be in Houston in early November.  I have had some minor issues over the last 10 days - an apparent infection in my shin resulting from a small abrasion - all infections are treated seriously - but that's healing up nicely now with some antibiotics.  And, at about the same time that flared up, I registered almost zero neutrophils - this was also on the 6th, the day I got the final results on flow cytometry.  This resulted in the strong impression that "it's always something"!  I got on neupogen shots daily and today at my visit the "neuts" were up from 100 to 8,800.  So we over-solved that problem (2500 is about normal), and I'm off the shots now.  I continue to feel fine and with the exception of this week (due to the low counts), I have been going in to the office every day.
The "Three Amigos" at Renee's Tapas Deck Party

The kids both start college semesters very soon - Kenyon's first semester at Wake Tech here locally, and Rachel's last semester at UNC-Asheville begins next week.  This cause quite a bit of stress and strain around here.  The Lord will see us through.  Our best to you and yours.  Check soon for trout pictures!!   Dan

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All Clear!

HI folks - great news - the bone marrow biopsy result was negative!  This result is based on the pathologist's examination of the slides.  This gives a highly but not 100% accurate result - the flow cytometry results are still pending.  These are almost always consistent with the pathologist's reading - but, there's still one more bit of news pending.  I'll only post at that point if it's a contrary finding.  We will do this all again in late October in Houston.  The Lord is my Shepherd!

It's great to be back at work;  I'm getting more into the meat of projects now that my workstation and software are all loaded and operational.  Sorry I need to cut this short, I'm on a little lunch break and need to get back to work....but I wanted to pass along the good news.  Dan

Some of Renee's backyard garden, with some iPhoto effects by me