Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Latest and Greatest

Major cook-fest for Renee's Birthday - Devon, Kenyon's friend, at left
Well, greetings friends and family...it looks like it's been almost two weeks since my last post and a lot has gone on.  Certainly the highlight was Renee's XXth birthday the weekend of the 12th.  We gave her a weekend away but at home, which we called "The Inn at Battleview Gardens".  She was not allowed to do any housework, nor cooking nor clean-up - her "staff" of 4 waited on her hand-and-foot.  It was a big hit, and I was ready for a long rest after check-out time on Sunday. 

Medically, I think I have a loose end to tie off with you - the flow cytometry was the last test to come back from my 90 day re-check, and that was also negative - I got the word from Dr. Kritz on the 6th of August.  So - I can finally say that the series of tests came out completely clean.  I stand amazed and humbled at what the medical professionals have done, but I know they cannot do anything without the blessing of God, because he is sovereign over all matter and events.  My next check-up will be in Houston in early November.  I have had some minor issues over the last 10 days - an apparent infection in my shin resulting from a small abrasion - all infections are treated seriously - but that's healing up nicely now with some antibiotics.  And, at about the same time that flared up, I registered almost zero neutrophils - this was also on the 6th, the day I got the final results on flow cytometry.  This resulted in the strong impression that "it's always something"!  I got on neupogen shots daily and today at my visit the "neuts" were up from 100 to 8,800.  So we over-solved that problem (2500 is about normal), and I'm off the shots now.  I continue to feel fine and with the exception of this week (due to the low counts), I have been going in to the office every day.
The "Three Amigos" at Renee's Tapas Deck Party

The kids both start college semesters very soon - Kenyon's first semester at Wake Tech here locally, and Rachel's last semester at UNC-Asheville begins next week.  This cause quite a bit of stress and strain around here.  The Lord will see us through.  Our best to you and yours.  Check soon for trout pictures!!   Dan

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