Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All Clear!

HI folks - great news - the bone marrow biopsy result was negative!  This result is based on the pathologist's examination of the slides.  This gives a highly but not 100% accurate result - the flow cytometry results are still pending.  These are almost always consistent with the pathologist's reading - but, there's still one more bit of news pending.  I'll only post at that point if it's a contrary finding.  We will do this all again in late October in Houston.  The Lord is my Shepherd!

It's great to be back at work;  I'm getting more into the meat of projects now that my workstation and software are all loaded and operational.  Sorry I need to cut this short, I'm on a little lunch break and need to get back to work....but I wanted to pass along the good news.  Dan

Some of Renee's backyard garden, with some iPhoto effects by me

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  1. WooooHooooo!!! Praising our Great Lord and Savior from whom ALLLLLL Blessings flow!!!
    Jeff and JoEllen