Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Phase 2 Succesfully Concluded!


Dear Friends, I am typing this from our apartment in Houston.  To my surprise and delight, my docs discharged me from trhe hospital today.  They told me yesterday that their intent was to discharge me today, but I did not want to post until it actually happened, since I am still fighting a sinus infection - I thought it was too good to be true.  The above pic was taken the moment that they disconnected my IV line - which had been connected for 3 weeks, meaning that I could not move anywhere without dragging along my IV pole.  It's a great feeling to be 'untethered' after all that time.  My parents arrived yesterday from Illinois - we had chinese food in the patient lounge last night.  They will be here until Saturday, then spend a couple of weeks visiting friends in the state, and then come back through Houston before heading back north.

Leaving the Hospital today at 1:30 PM
So, now we enter Phase 3, which is outpatient care here in Houston.  Initially, I will be going to the outpatient clinic (dedicated to transplant patients) on a daily basis for blood counts, transfusions if I need them, symptom and side effect management, and graft vs. host disease (GVHD) management, again if necessary.  Over time, the daily visits will be reduced in frequency until eventually they give me my walking papers and we can go back to Raleigh.  This phase is expected to last about 8 weeks.  Sadly, they have told me that I am not cleared to play golf yet :-(.  In general I feel OK, not 'normal', as I need more sleep than normal, I am not at full physical strength, and I am fighting this sinus infection.  On the plus side, I am eating normally without anti-nausea medicine, I have not run a fever, I'm sleeping well, and I don't have any other symptoms.

As I make this transition and reflect on the path that I have walked over the past many months, I look back on many trials and triumphs, and I know there will be many more of each ahead.  I am eternally grateful for the many people who have walked with me, encouraged me, prayed for me, shared my story with others who are now praying, and all who have helped love me through.  More than anything though, as I look back and forward, I am grateful that I have walked with Jesus all the way - trusting Him in bad news and good, tough days and joyous days.  So if you're still with me, I wanted to share this song with you.  It's an old hymn, written by Fanny Crosby (died 1913) that Rich Mullins rearranged and performed - "All the Way My Savior Leads Me".  God Bless you.  Dan

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  1. LOVE,love the song Dan! Made me cry! Sooo happy to hear you are back in the apartment. We are praying daily and believing with you. It is reassuring to know you are in the presence of the Lord God Most High and allowing Him to carry you every step. Keep giving Him the Glory friend! He loves you so! Please give Renee a hug for us. We are praying for her strength and peace. Love you both,