Friday, January 20, 2012

ChChChChanges........Turn and face the strange CHANGES

Summit of Mt. Mitchell, Dec. 30, 2006-ish

As I was saying a couple of days ago, transplant-land is an unpredictable place.  The latest example is that yesterday at about 5 pm, my fever made a cautious reappearance - nothing persistent or very high, about 100.3, then went back below 100 and then popped up again during the night to 100.2.  I was afebrile all day today but my doc is going by the book and so I will be here over the weekend.  I agree with the doc; as much as I want to get out of here, in my head I know that it would be foolishness to take any chances, plus, I didn't travel 1200 miles to come here and argue with the best medical team in the world.

So, I have dived deeply into the Word for guidance, patience, and spiritual wisdom so that I can see a small part of God's plan for this latest turn of events.  I don't really have to have a specific answer, I just have to remember the great truths that apply to our daily lives - that God loves me more than I can know or imagine;  that He is preparing me in this brief life for an eternity of fellowship and joy in His presence;  that He is teaching me qualities and conforming me to the image of His Son;  that all the pain and frustration of having cancer will be vastly more than redeemed in Heaven- those sorts of truths.  When I dwell on these eternal truths, another day (or another week) in the hospital shrinks to its proper perspective.

I'm still feeling very well, the transplant itself seems to be going very well, we just need to completely subdue this infection/fever and hopefully move back into outpatient status.  I feel a great deal better now than I did last week, despite the fever or infection, and I'm eager to get back into the gym or out into the park.

Perhaps next time the doc puts in a discharge order, I will refrain from posting until I am back in the apartment.  Actually, not perhaps - that is what I will do :-).  Praying that you will all know the beauty and reality of the eternal King, the Lord Jesus.  Dan

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