Monday, January 16, 2012

Marlborough Vineyard in New Zealand, January 2003

Hello Friends.....well, we've always known that stem cell transplants are unpredictable and one's situation can change rapidly.  Saturday afternoon I felt warm and discovered I had a fever of 101.5.   The protocol is for patients to go to the hospital with a fever of over 100.5, so Renee and I set off for the MD Anderson "emergency center".  We arrived at around 6pm and my transplant team (via the ER doc) said I should be admitted to the hospital.   I arrived at my room at about 2 am - I was pleased as punch at the efficiency of everything - NOT!  MD Anderson is a fabulous hospital but they have not achieved perfection yet - something to work on!

So here we are, taking new IV antibiotics to fight the fever and infection (wherever it is), and hanging out.  Given where I was 4 or 5 days ago, this feels like a major setback, but medically speaking, it should be pretty routine.  

Faith isn't always easy, and Renee and I are working to get re-centered in the Heart of God and trying to shake off our disappointment and our fear.  Thank you for walking with us.  My counts have fallen back a bit, please pray they would have a resurgence  - Thanks to all......Dan and Renee

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