Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cool Head Luke

Sunset from the balcony of Cheeseburger in Paradise, Lahaina, Maui, 2002

Good news everyone - I've been afebrile (that means not having a fever) for nearly 48 hours now and the rounding doc has issued the order to discharge me tomorrow!!  I will have to give myself intravenous antibiotics 3 times a day, using a pre-measured vacuum pump, but no complaints.  My mom and dad are back in Houston for a few days and will make their way back north early next week.  After that, My sister Jill will be here for the week of Jan. 28 - Feb 5, while Renee take a much needed and richly deserved break back in Raleigh.

This fever was a little more stubborn than most, and didn't respond to the antibiotics until late Tuesday night.  The doc suspects my sinuses are the culprit and also believes that I will continue to struggle with them, unless we keep hitting them hard with a-bs, hence the 3X per day regimen.  If you want a good laugh, picture me with three little connectors dangling from my upper chest (the tubes disappear into my skin), and two bottles of antibiotics attached to two of the 3 connectors.  If that doesn't sound funny, maybe I'll just have to post a picture of it :-).

To say the least, I am really looking forward to getting back outside, into the park, the gym, the local restaurants, etc etc.  This was a tough setback but as we prayed, it turned out to be routine.  Anything can happen in transplant-land, so our daily prayer is to get through each day with no surprises, and a little more strength and higher counts....It will be interesting when I see my outpatient team on Friday and hear how soon they will return me to my former status of 2X visits per week.....the may want me to start over.

Thanks to everyone for your faithful support - any questions, please let me know - God's blessings to you and yours.....Dan

PS please make a note of my new email address,

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