Sunday, January 8, 2012

Outpatient Life

My first day in the Gym - Jan 6
Hello Friends, it's January 8th, and day 18 of my 2nd life :-).  So far, things have been quite routine - I have been in the outpatient clinic each day, and the only treatment I am getting is an IV antibiotic for my sinus congestion/infection which takes 30 minutes, and a 3 hour IV infusion of magnesium.  The anti-rejection drug, tacrolimus, drains the body of magnesium, so it has to be replaced.  So each day, I come here, get blood drawn, and go to the clinic for these fluids.  All told it takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, depending on the waiting times.  The great news is that I haven't needed any other support or treatments, such as blood or platelet infusions.  Let's just say that Laure gave me some awesome stem cells!!

My counts have been really good - my platelets have gone up 4 days in a row;  my hemoglobin has been mostly up, and is around 10 now;  and my white count has been a little up and down, but has responded very well to the nupogen shots I was given and was at 3.5 yesterday.  Wow - I truly could not ask for more, and to God be the Glory!

Having said that, I am still weak and fatigued, which can be frustrating though perfectly normal.  I have no idea, and I am not sure the docs do either, how long it will take for me to regain my strengtrh and stamina, so it's another opportunity to wait on the Lord and be patient.  All in all, I am in excellent shape for this point in the process.  Praying for this to continue along this path.

Renee and I moved two days ago, with my parents' help, into a larger apartment with 2 bedrooms - not far from the old one, maybe a hundred yards or less.  New number is #1208, everything else the same (3 Hermann Museum Circle, apt 1208, Houston TX 77004).  We also have a new phone number (713) 529-2331.  It's really nice to have the extra space, especially when we have visitors.  Speaking of which, through January 7th, we had visitors in town every day except for 2.  Renee and I are actually looking forward to a couple of weeks on our own. 

As you see in the self-portrait above, I have started going to the gym and doing some easy aerobic stuff like treadmill or elliptical, along with a few sets of weights - taking it easy, but getting back into the routine.  Oue best to everyone - your support is life giving!!  Dan and Renee

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  1. Looking Good Dan...keep up the good work and we will see you soon!