Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Renee with the Hero of the Hour, Giant of Medicine, Dr. Michael Keating 
        Hello again, I promised to update you when I received additional test results, specifically on my CLL.  The bone marrow biopsy has several components;  the first one to come back is the pathologist's report -  he or she looks at the blood in the marrow under a microscope.  That report, we learned yesterday, was negative - i.e. he/she saw no evidence of CLL.  That is just stunning, amazing, phenomenal!!  There is another test that also looks for CLL called flow cytometry, and we don't have that back yet - but we tend to think that, if the pathologist did not see any CLL, that this other test will not find  much, if any, CLL.
         What can one say?  I am just grateful to Dr. Keating, Dr. Hosing, and the great physician, the Lord Jesus, for giving me a new lease on life, for however long He ordains.  And today my wife, Renee, is on my heart - I just want to say that she has been a wonderful, heaven-sent companion and, on may days,  nurse for me - she still loads my 3 pill boxes every week, identifies what prescriptions need to be refilled, encourages me, and fights for me as a prayer warrior.  She is perfect for me, and she has been perfect through this.
        Under 'it's always something', today we have the fact that my neutrophils and platelets have crashed, and we don't know the reason.  I am trying not to worry about it and trusting completely in the Lord - the same Lord who blessed us with the test results discussed above and in my previous post.  But, something for us to continue praying about.  Blessings to you.  Dan and Renee

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