Monday, May 14, 2012

Counts Update

Early morning on the practice range
Hello friends -  after that euphoric post on May 2, I regret to give a negative update, but I guess such is the nature of leukemia and stem cell transplants.  The gist is that my neutrophils and my platelets have not recovered - I am taking daily neupogen shots at home (to stimulate neutrophil production), but today at the doc my ANC was just 400, and  1000 is the minimum healthy level.  My platelets are down to 21,000, from a high of 143,000 which was early April.  Dr. Kritz, who is always very direct, said he could think of 4 possible causes - a viral infection (I have some minor symptoms, but nothing jumps out at us), chronic GVHD (again, no telltale symptoms, but it's a possibility), a second-stage graft failure, or possible return of leukemia (I can't see how this one could be right, given the very recent tests in Houston).  So, more neupogen shots to support my ANC, while Dr. Kritz consults with Dr. Hosing.  This is, to say the least, unwelcome news and a real downer on our good news which was less than two weeks ago.  We're on our knees, please join us if you can.  I see Dr. Kritz again in a week.  All for now,

Dan and Renee

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  1. On My Knees starting NOW!!! So sorry to hear this news Dan and Renee. May you feel the tender touch of Jesus today as you allow Him to comfort you, strengthen you, and heal you. We will be praying for you! Please know Jeff and I are here for you guys anytime, day or night! Let us know how and when we can help. Love to you both!