Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hello - short post today to confirm that the flow cytometry test also came back negative, so it's official - COMPLETE REMISSION.  CANCER FREE.  Sweet words!!  I spoke to Dr. Hosing and I choked on the words of thanks, I was so overcome with emotion.  Richter's transformation is nasty business - looking back on it, I feel that I have been delivered from the lions' den, or from the fiery furnace.  Praise God for all He has done, including equip and enable GREAT doctors!  And as always, thanks to all of you who have followed me on this journey and prayed for me, sent your encouragement - it helped bear me through.

God's best to you.


PS I am still battling extremely low neutrophils and falling platelet counts.  Appreciate your prayers in this regard.

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  1. Such wonderful news for you and your family after all you have been through together. So happy for you, Dan!