Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bone Marrow Awakening!

The young woman Rachel Rooker on her first day of work
(those are stockings, not tattoos!!  Gotcha!!)

Lieber Freundin, we have good news today.  First, my daughter Rachel, our oldest at age 22, received an offer of employment from Lane Bryant clothing stores on Friday!  She eagerly accepted and started work yesterday - her first day on her first job!!  Rachel has always kept busy writing and making jewelry, but has not scored a job until this week.  She is home for the summer and has one more semester at UNC-Asheville to get her degree in creative writing.  Renee had been praying with particular fervor and constancy about this because it was becoming a real burden for Rachel to be among the 'jobless'.  So, once again we are praising the Lord for answers to prayers.

Speaking of which, yesterday Renee and I were in the clinic, waiting for that big needle to be punched through my hip bone, and the PA, Jessica, was with us looking at my lab results and said, "I don't think you are going to be having a bone marrow biopsy today.....what have you been eating?"  The quip about what I had been eating was prompted by my platelets having jumped from 21,000 to 53,000 in 7 days.  Additionally, my neutrophils had gone through the roof, up from 400 to over 7,000!!!  (Which is way above normal).  So, the doctoral view is that for unknown reasons, my bone marrow is beginning to crank out platelets and neutrophils and the problem that caused the suppression is resolved or resolving.  The behavior argues for the virus theory, but we still don't know for sure, nor what virus might be the culprit.  And, we may never know - but guess what?  The Lord knows, and he has full control over all this stuff;  that's very comforting.

My next clinic visit for labs is next Tuesday, so we'll see then if this very positive trend continues.  Until then, thanks for your continuing support.  I will post next Tuesday or Wednesday latest.  God's best to you from us......Dan and Fam

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