Thursday, December 15, 2011

Phase II Underway

Laure and I with her 5th and Final Collection on Tuesday Afternoon

 Hello Friends, I was just poking around on the blog utility and for the first time saw some data on "page views"....kind of interesting - it said there were 171 page views yesterday.  I was impressed! 

Renee has divided our stay in Houston into 3 phases - Phase I was the time prior to my admission to the hospital, Phase II is the period when I am an inpatient, and Phase III is the time after my discharge from the hospital, while still here as an outpatient.

So using that nomenclature, we have entered Phase II !!  Laure was able to donate again on Tuesday and we learned early Wednesday that the count from that donation was 1.22 million cells (per kg), bringing the 5 session total to exactly 4.00 million cells.  Since my transplant coordinator had tentatively scheduled my hospital admission and associated activities for Wednesday, everything was set and I was admitted yesterday evening at about 6:30 pm. 

Laure is still here and will be flying home tomorrow morning.  She ended up being here in Houston for 17 days and travels home on her 18th day.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am, and Renee is, for her commitment and patience through this process - of course she says that's silly, she never even gave it a second thought.....but still, I am so grateful.  Laure observed yesterday that she and I have not spent this much time together in our adult lives - the closest thing we can remember to spending this much time together is one of those 2 week station-wagon vacations out west when we were in our early teens.  I believe that the Lord had a good reason for this week-long delay, and it could have been just that - it's been a blessing to have so much time together, and honestly, there have been no cross words, arguments, or any rancor at all - certainly some fatigue and anxiety during the early part of the collection process, but once her stem cells lost their shyness, the enthusiasm returned. 

This post is getting longer than I intended, so let me wrap it up - I'll say more about the hospital tomorrow or Saturday.  You can see a pic of me in my room below.  Today is "day minus 6", and also my first day of chemo as we count down to transplant day on December 21 ("day zero").  I still feel fine and remain remarkably busy.  We wish you and yours a blessed and joyous Holiday season - we will be worshiping our Heavenly Father for His amazing plan of redemption through His son Jesus - Emmanuel, God with Us.

Wishing you Peace, Hope, and Love - Dan, Renee, and Laure

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  1. Dan!! I have only recently heard about all your medical news (the grapevine is slower these days). Wasn't sure if you knew, but in just a couple of days Gerron, the girls and I will be living in Houston. We'd love to come see you! Send us an email so we can better know how to contact you! or

    Praying for great results from the transplant!

    Jen Showalter