Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hello Friends, just a quick update on "Day Zero".....all went well, the transplant is very  much like a blood transfusion - it was done with two 'bags' of cells, one late morning and one around 2:30-4:00.  There were no side effects....but the side effects from the chemo continue and they could worsen - so far they have not been bad but I was very tired today and spent a lot of time in the bed.  I did manage to get out twice for laps around the floor.  The next milestone will be 'engraftment', which I think I have mentioned before - that could take anywhere from 7 days to 20+ days, so we have some time to wait on the Lord.  Merry Christmas to all....Christ is Born!!  Dan

PS there's a picture on my facebook page from today  :-) 


  1. Thanks for the posts and inspirations, Dan, and we wish Renee and you a Merry Christmas!

    Mark & Brenda

  2. Dan, Renee, Rachel, and Kenyon,

    A very Merry Christmas as you celebrate together in this very unforgettable way.

    I'll be thinking of all of you as the calendar changes to 2012, with the anticipation of the happy days ahead!


  3. Dan,

    Sending you faith, hope and love during this blessed season. Know many are keeping you in their prayers and I am standing with you in faith.

    Your faith blesses me daily.


  4. Linda, great to hear from you. Merry Christmas to you, John, and your 'little' girl :-)