Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 4 Update

Today after the Transplant Floor "Pole Parade"
 Merry Christmas, everyone!  We have had a very good time here at MD Anderson - making the most out of this most unusual Yuletide season.  Last night, Renee organized a gathering in the lounge here complete with appetizers, wine (not for me!), gifts to open, and a dinner of chicken pot pie from Costco.  We took over a corner of the lounge and got on with it!  Renee's parents joined the four of us and made it a special occasion.  We even had cheesecake for dessert.  Yum!

Kenyon spent the night here with me last night and Renee and Rachel made a breakfast casserole and brought it over here this morning....we had another gift opening time after that and have been talking with family on the phone and watching Christmas movies since then.  Bob and Vaun returned to Raleigh today.
The sympathy card pays off big-time for Dan
 Medically, I have been stable - I have some minor issues but my doctor says I'm doing very well and to keep it up.  I'm on anti-nausea drugs and eating pretty well, walking 3 miles a day on the floor.  No intense workouts for the time being ;-).  I've gotten through one week of post-chemo side effects and will have at least one more week - if it's no worse than this week, I will be very fortunate.  Of course we are anticipating and praying for my new stem cells to wake up and start producing blood cells, but it's a little too early for that yet.  Renee and I wish you and yours joy and peace this blessed Christmas season.   

Dan's World - Party on, Dan!  Excellent!


  1. Dan, belated Merry Christmas! Your spirit and faith continue to inspire me and many who know you! We are so happy that you were enjoying the Christmas with family!

    We are keeping you in our prayers as the terrific new year approaches!


  2. Dan, That picture of all of you is great! I love your hat w/ hair! It looks fabuous on you!

    So happy you all enjoyed Christmas together- another blessing! Keep still and be peaceful... I love you!

  3. Hey Dan! Lucy and I just got the link to your blog a couple weeks ago and have been catching up. We send our love (Lucy sends a special shout out to Brodie) as you and your family move into the New Year. :)
    - Lynn & Lucy Digirolamo