Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 9

Christmas Eve Dinner - That's Renee in the window :-)

Hello Friends, today is day 9, which has no particular significance....just time for an update.  There's not a lot to report - nothing moving on the blood count radar yet - I have essentially zero white cells, as my immune system has been effectively taken out by the chemo.  I am getting blood and platelets as needed, again very routine around here.  My low counts make me very tired, so I need extra sleep.  The chemo side effects have not been too bad, I have a couple of sores in my mouth and occasionally I feel a little queasy but we should be getting near the end of that shortly.  The main medical / comfort issue is my sinuses, which continue to be blocked, causing pain and trouble breathing (through my nose) at night......I had similar symptoms after hyper cvad treatments  but they were not as severe and I didn't get headaches.  So the docs are working that problem.  Well, my breakfast just arrived so I will leave it there for today.  We are starting to think that maybe my new stem cells will kick in within the next week or so......appreciate your prayers in that regard......Happy New Year to all.......Dan

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