Saturday, October 15, 2011

Prayer for Today

Morning has Broken
Dear Lord,

Thank you for this beautiful morning, the quiet and peaceful sunrise through the trees, the sounds of birds starting their day...thank you for the ministry of your Spirit in early prayer.  Thank you for my dear wife, who is steadfastly honoring her vows before you to care for me in my sickness; what a blessing she is to me!

Thank you for the teaching of John Piper on the sovereignty of God in suffering - thank you for the profound truths concerning our trials, that they are of great importance in Your work in the world and in my life.  Thank you for the spiritual knowledge that all suffering will be redeemed for your Glory and the promise that we will fully understand all your plans and purposes one day.

Thank you for the Bible, your inspired Word, which documents events such as the life of Job - which has spoken directly to a suffering world, words of Life, words of purpose, words of hope for centuries upon centuries - and how it ministers powerfully to me today.  Thank you for stories such as Peter's denials of the Lord Jesus, which were preceded by Jesus saying to Peter, "Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat - but I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail.  And when you have turned again, strengthen your brothers".  Thank you Lord for the way these stories strengthen me today.  How awesome is it to know that Jesus Himself is praying for my faith to be strong!

Lord please protect me today from disease and infection.  Please reveal more of yourself to me, Renee, my family, and all who yearn for you.  Thank you Lord for the outpouring of love, affection, care, prayer, and service of all who have reached out to me in this trial - words cannot express our emotions, how deeply we have been touched by so many people, some of whom we do not even know directly.  Thank you for the fierce love and support of my family who is not here in Raleigh - Mom, Dad, Laure, Jill - but who are praying without ceasing for me and Renee.

Lord there are many who have it tougher than I do - like the little girl we met in the waiting room at the radiology clinic, Sanaya.  Lord we lift up these little ones who have diseases - we pray for their comfort and healing - we pray that they all, like Sanaya, would have special knowledge of You and a special closeness to You - the blessed assurance that You love them and hold them in the palm of Your hand.

Lord we acknowledge Your supremacy in all things, that you are the ultimate end and desire of our hearts.  We worship You today and lift Your name in praise!  Amen.

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