Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair is Over-rated!

This is not photo-shopped - that is a Bull Trout dad caught in Missoula in '09

Well, the hair is finally letting go....hung in there for a good while.  That's neither here nor there though, the main thing is that my blood counts showed a little spark yesterday - the white count poked up from "zero" to about 500, including neutrophils from zero to 300.  Dr. Kritz was pleased.  I feel pretty good, still weak from the low counts, mouth  and digestive tract still a little raw but all things considered, very thankful to be where I am.  If my counts continue to recover, I suspect we're looking at round 2 of the chemo (hyper-CVAD) in early November, and the transplant in early-to-mid-December (assuming - praying - that the chemo hammers the lymphoma!).  Your prayers continue to be a great blessing to Renee and I - our best to you.  More soon.....Dan

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