Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey, It's Good to be Back Home Again.........

Rachel and I diving on Bloody Bay Wall at Little Cayman Island, 2010
Some of you may recognize that as a John Denver lyric...highly appropriate today.  Yesterday Renee and I traveled back from Houston and arrived home at about 1:30 pm.  Renee's parents plus Rachel and Kenyon were here to welcome us home to a spotless and highly disinfected house - carpets, upholstery, dog beds, everything....Rachel and Kenyon made an Italian vegetable/noodle/chick pea soup last night for dinner that was just the ticket for me.  I am truly blessed, and yesterday in particular by seeing R&K work together touchingly on a service project for their ol' dad.

The chemo effects have been manageable so far;  I have been taking anti-nausea medication every 8 hours and so far have not been ill.  Weak, yes.  I saw Dr. Kritz today and he seemed to think that I was out of the worst part of the nausea, which would be great.  I've eaten well today, including two additional helpings of Rachel's and Kenyon's hearty soup.  Just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that I am home and under the best care in the world (Renee).  It will be several weeks before we have a definitive answer on how the lymphoma is responding, but as I think I mentioned before, the respiratory symptoms having improved is a good early indication.  I will be vulnerable to infection as my blood counts drop over the next many days - if you would join us in praying that I stay infection-free (and therefore out of the hospital), we would be grateful.  

More His love - Dan

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  1. We will join you in this specific stay infection free and OUT of the hospital. So glad your home!
    Love to you and Renee,
    Jeff and Jo