Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back on my Feet

Rachel made beef stew Friday night with an assist from Dad
Hallo all.....just a quick update today -- my 2nd chemo cycle ended last Friday and I continued to feel OK through the day Saturday, but hit the wall Saturday around the way, Saturday night I made Greek Lasagna, unfortunately I didn't take a picture nor do I have a recipe - I made it up as I went....check it out -

4 components including the noodles - 
  • first - 2 lbs of ground lamb browned with onions and garlic plus lots of black pepper, rosemary and oregano.  
  • Second, a ricotta and feta cheese mix (with an egg mixed in);  
  • third, a tomato sauce that I made by straining 2 large cans of crushed tomatoes and mixing in cooked/chopped spinach and olive tapenade.  
then the usual - cook the noodles and alternate layers in a baking pan - sauce, lamb, cheese, noodles, repeat....this was fabulous......

Back to the chemo, Sunday and Monday were "couch days", where I sleep 9 to10 hours at night and then take another nap or two during the energy....the good news this time is that the intravenous anti-nausea medication they gave me on Thursday seemed to keep that problem away, so it was exhaustion only.  Tuesday was a lot better, Wednesday better yet, and today I worked out, signaling a return to normality.  They also gave me a shot on Monday that is supposed to boost neutrophil production; we will see tomorrow when I get labs what the counts look like.

Last night Renee and I went out for our Valentines dinner and had a wonderful time, except that we got lost in Cary/Morrisville trying to find the restaurant.  When will I learn to take my Garmin even when I think I know where I am going??  For you locals, you simply must try this restaurant if you haven't - Saffron on Davis Drive in Cary (next to the Harris Teeter - easy to find).  Renee's parents gave us a gift certificate to this place for Christmas.....absolutely wonderful authentic Indian food......even if you just get dal and naan bread, it is a fantastic treat......

Saffron Restaurant

Renee is off for the weekend to Asheville to celebrate her sister's birthday, and my sister Laure and her family will be here Sunday/Monday on their way down to Orlando.  So I have to get the house ready for that.  Canes game tomorrow night, yard project out back, office is a shortage of to-dos.  I will post again when I get my counts.  Love to all - 

A few of you have asked for the recipe for the scallops pictured in my last post - I can't find it on the internet any more, so here's a scan:  note - we doubled the recipe, i.e., 2 lbs of scallops etc.

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