Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What's New......

Just about to cross the starting line, center, waving :-)

Greetings - are you still with me?  I'm still with you!  I hope my infrequent updates and all-around normalcy haven't dampened your interest...but I would understand.  I've had several check-ups in a row now where there have been no anomalies in my blood counts - which is fantastic news.  Also, since my last post, I've been taken off of the protective anti-biotics, anti-virals, and anti-fungals that have been helping to keep infections away.  The reason for this is that my t-cells - key components of my fledgling immune system - have surpassed a key milestone.  That means that I am drug-free, except for the neurontin that helps manage my neuropathy symptoms (tingling feet).  Hard to believe - my "original equipment" immune system is long gone, and my transplanted immune system from Laure's bone marrow is doing everything my old one was - except produce cancer cells!  A true medical miracle - but above that, a miracle of God, because the docs don't know why one transplant works and another doesn't.

At the finish with my cheering squad

As I announced in my last post, I joined the Team in Training with the intent of running in the City of Oaks 10K race in order to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - that race was 2 days ago and I completed it without walking - which was a big surprise - I never ran more than 4 miles in practice - but the excitement of being among 5,000 racers must have gotten me past the pain.  More importantly, I raised $12,500 for L&LS, thanks to many of your generous donations.  I plan to participate in more events in the future.  A very special thanks to my good friend Eddy Tsang from Hong Kong, who made a particularly lavish donation, which was the major contributor to my being the top fund-raiser out of 75 TNT participants.

Work is going well and it looks like I will be installed in a "real" job with an organization and everything very soon.  I am a little anxious but also very excited about it.  I end my post today with a request for prayer.  Next week, Renee and I will be going to Houston for my 90 day re-check - so I will get the battery of cancer screens.  Your prayers will see me through.  Trusting in Him and praising Him for all he has done - Dan and Renee  

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  1. Soooo Great!!! Congratulations! We will remember you next week in our prayers as you return to Houston. Keep us posted.
    Jeff and JoEllen