Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks

Getting a boost of anti-EBV t-cells at the Baylor College of Medicine
Hello friends and's been an up-and-down week.  I've been fighting a fever and sinus infection since Sunday morning, and a couple of times, my fever got high enough that we were getting ready to go the hospital. - but each time it backed off a bit, and we kept a bag packed.  I've been without the fever  now for 36 hours or so, so we're hopeful that the latest antibiotic is doing the job.  On the big plus side, I heard Wednesday that the bone marrow biopsy was found to be normal, which is great news :-) !!

My parents have been here since Monday...unfortunately it's been kinda like a sick ward, as my son Kenyon has also been suffering with fevers and bronchitis.  Nonetheless, we had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and enjoyed a beautiful fall day here.  The football was plentiful and exciting, too.
Who I'm most thankful for 
Well, that's about it...we hope you had a great thanksgiving, if you celebrate it, and if you don't celebrate it, you should start - everyone has something to be thankful for.  A year ago, Renee and I were making preparations to go to Houston for my transplant.  What has transpired in the past year - valleys, hilltops, being uplifted by so many friends, family members, nothing short of a miracle.  I am so thankful for what the Lord has shown me and how He carried me through these troubled waters.  I owe everything to Him.  May He be with you this Christmas season.

Shiloh getting a bird's eye view

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