Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lymphoma Update

Laure and I on our little balcony

GOOD NEWS TODAY!  My lymphoma has responded to the chemotherapy and the transplant doctor is planning to proceed.  I don't want to diminish the great news, but just to share all the facts, the tumor in my lung has shrunk, but is not gone - so I am not entirely sure how that will affect the likelihood of a complete cure of the cancer, but I will have a chance to ask Dr.Hosing tomorrow about that, and of course pass it along right here.  One other slight caveat is that Dr. Hosing meets with her peers every Thursday to discuss cases and she will get their input on my case - but that is not expected to change the direction - once again I will update you with any news from that.

We picked up Laure at the airport this afternoon and for the next 9 days Renee, Laure and I will be sharing this one bedroom apartment as we do all the preparatory tests over at the clinic.  The address here is

3 Hermann Museum Circle Dr.
Apartment 5319
Houston, TX 77004 

We are very relieved and full of thanksgiving and praise for this great news today.  God is faithful! 



  1. Hi Dan! Thanks for sharing here, and also for the note you sent to the IBM team today. Great as always to experience your optimism and your wonderful family via your words and photos. Our thoughts are certainly with you on this next critical phase of your journey, shared with your loving sister!

  2. Dan, I am always glad to read about what's happening with you. You are fortunate to have such loving sisters. I was thinking about the chemo you got at Rex....a good friend of mine (fellow soccer mom) is one of the key pharmacists who mixes the magic potions for chemo patients. You should know what a wonderful person she is. She is a two time (10 years apart) survivor--so she knows. Tell those Texas docs to take good care of you!