Monday, March 10, 2014

March Training Update

Speaking at the Raleigh Chinese Christian Church, Sunday, March 9th. 

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         Hi Friends and Family...well, I actually thought a 100 mile bike ride would not be that big of a challenge.  I WAS WRONG.  For a person who has never ridden a bicycle for more than 37 miles, it is a HUGE challenge.  Over the past 3 weekends, I have done training rides of 30, 39, and 36 miles, with an average speed of 15 miles per hour.  My coach, Todd Spain (and his able partner, Elaine Tarkington) say I'm doing great, but I don't think it's a positive sign when I am out there 20 miles from home thinking about whether I can get a decent price for my bike when I sell it on Craigslist!!

         Then, I think about the children who are still battling leukemia and lymphoma, and I grind out the miles....I literally think about the promising treatments that LLS is funding as I struggle up the hills, and the stories like Emily Whitehead's - her life was saved by an experimental treatment funded in part by LLS (see "Fire with Fire" video on Youtube).  This past weekend I spoke at the LLS "Mission Day" about my cancer experience - how miraculous my treatment was, how statistically unlikely it is that I am alive today.  I told the team, it's hard to know the mind of God, but there's no doubt that one of the main reasons that I was spared and given a new "lease on life" was to be there that day, with that team, fighting this fight together.  

        Sunday I spoke to 100 people at the Raleigh Chinese Christian Church - photo attached - I like this photo because over my shoulder to the left there was a screenshow playing photos from my blog - the team at the church did this and didn't tell me in advance - but it was a beautiful backdrop to my story of God's love, mercy, and the mission He has given me.  I am grateful to everyone who has donated and especially those precious few who have already donated to all 3 of my endurance events.  Please consider a gift, no matter how small, to LLS and these children and their parents who so desperately need your help.

PS - in the background photo, it's me with Alice Lynn - my main medical nurse in Dr. Keating's clinic and Coy (on the right), the happiest, most joy-filled lady you would ever want to meet in a cancer clinic.  Both are treasures to me - photo was taken in November 2012.  The photo with me and a microphone was taken Sunday at the Raleigh Chinese Christian Church.

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