Monday, July 16, 2012

Working Man

First Day of Work!!
Hi ya'all, we hit another major milestone this week as I returned to work at IBM.  I had planned to be back a week ago but the administrative process for getting off of long term disability turns out to be a major headache.  And, though I am on the payroll as of today, I still don't have access to any IBM systems.  I'm sure that by the end of this week, I will be fully engaged and enabled.  It feels great to be back - quite an emotional day, given the events of the past 8 months.  I feel extremely blessed and grateful.

I had a checkup with Dr. Kritz a week ago, and it went very well.  My neutrophil count was 2800, up from 1100 two weeks prior.  This shows great balance and strength in my blood cell production.  Also, it's already time for my next re-staging battery of tests....every 90 days for the first year.  I'll have PET and CAT scans this Thursday the 19th, and a bone marrow biopsy on Monday the 23rd.  My next post will be with the results of those tests.  Please lift Renee and I up in prayer.

More soon.....bless you and yours......Dan

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  1. GREAT news!!!! Praying for your tests coming up and for Renee's peace. God is faithful!